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Soon you’ll be able to directly create your very own post here!

For now, join by submitting your speaking Images to:

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Please send preferably unedited images of the patches close-up as well as the view inside the Street, with you in it if you like, along with your name(s) the city-/streetname(s) and a brief description of the building/neighborhood/websites, etc, which you want to stand out.

Dispatchwork is a multiplayer game for virtually all public spaces worldwide. It is more than an intervention done by the hands of a single artist claiming their share of the public space. This project is made for all those who identify as one of the others and embrace transitoriness. Together we have infiltrated cultural heritage, facades and fortifications. From cottage to skyscrapers Dispatchwork hast sealed and healed fissures

Enjoy browsing the locations or submit your contribution by clicking on the marker on the bottom left. A handful used bricks plenty enough to participate. Because nobody enjoys living in dull cities and not only kids can imagine the world more colorful. Go out and reclaim your city!

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