Dispatchwork is a multiplayer game for virtually all public spaces worldwide. It is more than an intervention done by the hands of a single artist: Hundreds of enthusiasts are acting on broad daylight to rightfully claim their share of the public space.

Together we have infiltrated cultural heritage, facades and fortifications. From cottage to skyscrapers Dispatchwork hast sealed and healed fissures, completed the material compilation in urban construction and added people and color to the greyscales of the cityscapes.

Dispatchwork aims at childhood-memories in abstract shapes and vivid colors, towards a global collaboration of persons unknown to each other. This project is made for all those who identify as one of the others and embrace transitoriness. Persons who like to share their time playfully and don’t mind when the unglued structures slowly ‘dissolve’ (friendly to our environment) back into kids toyboxes.

While overcoming national borders, this is a Forum to further develop, piece by piece, a global game together. A handful used bricks of whichever brand is plenty, and enough to submit a contribution. Because nobody enjoys living in dull cities and not only kids can imagine the world more colorful!


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