This website serves as a platform as well as an archive for Dispatchwork. The first documented patches go back as far as 2007. Today Dispatchwork is a multi-person artistic installation in virtually all public spaces worldwide. And more than an artistic intervention of just a single artist, when in fact hundreds of enthusiasts are acting on broad daylight under their clear names, to rightfully claim their share of the public space.

Together we have infiltrated cultural heritage, facades and fortifications. From cottage to skyscrapers and both, the berlin and chinese wall. Even a handful used bricks of whichever brand is plenty, and enough for a contribution. The persons and institutions named and credited on this platform seized this hands-on opportunity to go out in the streets and temporarily seal and heal fissures in buildings, complete the material compilation in urban construction and add color to the urban greyscales.

Dispatchwork aims at childhood-memories in abstract shapes and towards a global collaboration of persons unknown to each other in vivid colors. The project is made for all people who identify as one of the others and embrace transitoriness. Because even when cast in concrete decay is only delayed for a short moment: eventually all the structures crumble out and ‘dissolve’ (friendly to our environment) back into private toyboxes to await their resuscitation.

Overcoming national borders, this is a Forum to further develop, piece by piece, a common global culture together. Alternate realities where events like this are just very normal, and nothing out of the box. Because nobody enjoys living in dull cities. Everybody, not only kids can imagine the world more colorful.



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