Rue du Chevaleret / Rue Charcot, Paris

The Nuit Blanche is a huge art-event which the city of Paris organizes each year. The whole night through, from 7pm to 7am, everyone is invited to discover events throughout the city and to follow a parcour connecting the different events in all parts of paris.  Thousands of parisians came to the streets, and also the Paris mayor herself was expected to visit and shake hands.  (Nuit Blanche de Paris)

And I was invited to install Dispatchwork in the 13th arrondissment, where I met a wall, which could hold three big patches easily. So in the course of the next three days me and helpers erected these patches within the parcour of nuit blanche in rue Chevalret. Each of these three patches took us around 9 hours to set up, and us working basically from dusk till dawn.