Phoenician Wall, Batroun

The Phoenician Wall might well be the oldest man-made structure I have ever personally visited, within the city of Batroun, dating back to at least 5,000 years. The wall was most likely carved directly into the solid rock as a protectetion against the tidal waves and it stands there until today.

Batroun Batroun

Look closely, right there in the middle: I was here.


Ulitsa Metohia, Sofia


We went to a neighbourhood called Fakultete. Here you find none of Sofia’s historical buildings but beautifully self-crafted homes. Like a different city, maybe a whole different country, and, with horse-carriages passing by, also a different time.

Within a couple of minutes after having started, all the kids of the neighbourhood took notice of us and joined. 


Sofia SofiaSofiaSofiaSofiaSofiaSofiaSofiaSofiaSofiaSofiaSofia

Ulitsa Parizh, Sofia

Sofia SofiaSofiaSofia

A question I get asked frequently is if I know who takes the patches out. I have multiple of these people on tape, and you would probably be surprised on who these people would be. This security guard from across the street ISN’T one of them. When I left he crossed the street and took the patch out on curiosity. I approached him and took the picture because I was amused about his initiative to leave his post and check out my work.


Church St. George Rotunda, Sofia

The city now called Sofia was established in 5 BC or earlier, under the name of Serdica and gained much importance over the centuries due to its central positioning in the balkan region. Over the course of time it was under the reign of the Romans, the Ottomans, the Huns,… just to name a few.

This is the Church of St. George, build by the Romans in the 4th century. There had been some debate on social media about whether or not this was disrespectful towards the believers. The priest however just walked by us as we were in full action and didn’t mind.

Plage, Hossegor

I was in Hossegor meeting my friends from androphyne to work on their project about Elias Pozornski. One day we went out to surfer’s paradise on the atlantic ocean. There’s this bunker, which used to be sitting entirely above the dunes, overlooking the ocean. Now the waves are slowly luring the tons of concrete into the depth.

Metelkova, Ljubljana

Ljubljana LjubljanaLjubljana

Metelkova, an ancient police-station now place for the independent slovenian art-scene. At night you will find it is the place for partying. At daytime, you see people going along their daily business, with artist-studios and flats.

UN Buffer Zone, Nikosia


I didn’t grasp the full impact of the ’74 Turkish invasion in the north of this island in the eastern mediterrenean. Cyprus has been divided since between a government-controlled area, comprising the southern two-thirds of the island, and a north third de facto administered by the Turkish. No country recognizes the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” other than Turkey.  Around the city center, lays a starshaped citadel. Inside it is divided by these walls:

Tabakfabrik, Linz


I was invited by Platform21, with Arne Hendriks, Lotte Dekker, Heleen Klopper, Martijn Dijkhuizen to the 2010 edition of the Ars Electronica festival in Linz around the topic of ‘Repair’

The Ars Electronica festival is one of the oldest and biggest festivals for new media Art, so  imagine how happy I was to take part and have a close look!

The festivals location, an old Tobacco-factory, has a size of more than 30000 sqm and was constructed by Popp and Behrens in 1935 and is protected world heritage.

LinzLinz Linz

LinzLinz Linz LinzLinz Linz Linzz